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What Platform For the Shop You Should Choose?

What Platform For the Shop You Should Choose?


Most start-up shop owners need to tackle an important dilemma at the start of their business: Which platform to choose for your new shop? You can choose from a variety of options when
choosing the right platform for your shop. Some of them are cheaper, some more expensive and some free. The best, but also the most expensive solution is a tailor-made shop, which is, however, beyond the financial possibilities of most beginning traders.

Renting a shop is another popular solution that requires regular monthly payments. A very good price / performance ratio is the solution where you buy a ready-made shop that you install on your domain and you can start selling immediately. The last option is an open source shop, which is seemingly free, but its functionality will cost you a lot of additional investment, both time and financial. In addition, for the complexity of installation and control, it is not very suitable for beginners.

Customized Shop

If you have enough money, you can program your own online store to match your needs. You will have exactly the features you need, and you can influence virtually every aspect of your new business. However, this solution has one major disadvantage, which is the price. Tailor-made programming of the shop platform can cost several hundreds of thousands, which is usually an unbearable amount for the beginning shop.

Buying a Finished Shop

It is much more advantageous to buy a ready-made shop solution, such as, where you can buy a ready and tuned platform that you can use immediately. At the same time, the price for this solution is not only much lower than for tailored shops but also lower than for internet shop rental or even for open source solutions. Compared to other types of shops, buying a finished solution is clearly the most advantageous.

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About Xshopic

Xshopic offers modern one-page shops for a one-time payment without additional hidden flat fees. As part of the license, you will receive a complete shop (FRONTEND, BACKEND) on a professional level with simple and user-friendly administration, including modern design. Moreover, the shop purchased is fully prepared for the integration of the payment gateway. Manual for installation of the purchased shop is included in every package. You can trade in just a few minutes.

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Yes. Our e-shop is simple and clear. Everything is easy to set up and everyone can do it.

Yes, you can. We support all endings. Enter your domain in the administration and start selling.

Yes. E-shop supports the sale of up to 25 products or services in addition to various variants (eg color).

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