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The Ease of Operation is Important for a Quality Shop.

The Ease of Operation is Important for a Quality Shop.


If you are starting to sell online, easy installation and easy operation are likely to be important to you. There are many shop solutions on the market that differ in price and functionality, as well as in the complexity of installation. For some solutions that are seemingly inexpensive or free, you need to count on many hours of work before you can get a shop into such a usable state if you're an experienced user. Otherwise, you must count on the cost of an expert who will help you with setting up your shop. Every subsequent modification is usually very complicated.

Easy Shop Control

In addition to easy installation, easy and intuitive operation is important for online business success. In order for your business to succeed in tough competition, you will often have to change the prices of the goods, add new products and do a lot of other regular activities that are essential to the shop. 

Every extra click is counted and can result in unnecessary costs.

Add and Edit Products Easily

Important is the easy manual addition and subsequent editing of products, which should handle not only text editing, pricing, and inventory, but also more advanced features such as product video management, images, etc.

Quality Customer Support is Very Important

At the shop, you may need to make some adjustments or changes from time to time without the assistance of user support. Therefore, it is important that your shop solution has quality user support that will help you with your problems.

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About Xshopic

Xshopic offers modern one-page shops for a one-time payment without additional hidden flat fees. As part of the license, you will receive a complete shop (FRONTEND, BACKEND) on a professional level with simple and user-friendly administration, including modern design. Moreover, the shop purchased is fully prepared for the integration of the payment gateway. Manual for installation of the purchased shop is included in every package. You can trade in just a few minutes.

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Download store and upload it to your hosting. No monthly fees!

Yes. Our e-shop is simple and clear. Everything is easy to set up and everyone can do it.

Yes, you can. We support all endings. Enter your domain in the administration and start selling.

Yes. E-shop supports the sale of up to 25 products or services in addition to various variants (eg color).

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