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Is It Better to Buy or Rent a Shop?

Is It Better to Buy or Rent a Shop?


A frequent solution for beginning shops is renting a finished solution. This gives you a platform that is ready to start selling immediately and you only pay for a monthly rental. Initial costs may appear to be a big advantage for start-ups in this case. In contrast to a paid shop solution, it is not necessary to buy a shop, but just rent it for a monthly amount. But is this solution more advantageous than buying a finished shop?

Does shop rental have any advantages over buying a finished solution?

In terms of functionality, ease of operation and installation, leased shop solutions are comparable to buying a ready-made platform. For both types, you have all the modern features needed to run an online store, and of course, there is also quality user support. The big disadvantage of renting, however, is the price, which, although visually lower than the turnkey internet shop, actually will cost you much more than a "box" solution.

Disadvantages of Renting a Shop

Most start-ups will not start overnight. Often several months of hard work on SEO and business promotion are needed before people learn about you and begin to flow first visitors. However, you must pay a regular amount for the shop for this period, regardless of whether you earn or not. And even after your shop starts earning you, you must pay for it every month over and over again, which unnecessarily cuts your profits and makes the rented shop come out much more expensive in the finals than buying a finished platform. Purchasing a ready-to-use turnkey shop requires a start-up investment that is not excessively high, but the purchased program is yours and you can use it for as long as you want. As a result, you do not have to spend money when your business is not doing well, and your shop will start earning much earlier.


At you will receive a complete “box solution” of the responsive shop, the flexibility to edit the appearance of the shop with simple tools via shop administration and last but not least we offer easy connection to payment gateways of the largest providers.

For a one-time fee at, you purchase a given number of licenses and receive a complete package with instructions on how to install and set up a shop.

You can start offering your customers your services / goods within hours of purchase.

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About Xshopic

Xshopic offers modern one-page shops for a one-time payment without additional hidden flat fees. As part of the license, you will receive a complete shop (FRONTEND, BACKEND) on a professional level with simple and user-friendly administration, including modern design. Moreover, the shop purchased is fully prepared for the integration of the payment gateway. Manual for installation of the purchased shop is included in every package. You can trade in just a few minutes.

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Yes. Our e-shop is simple and clear. Everything is easy to set up and everyone can do it.

Yes, you can. We support all endings. Enter your domain in the administration and start selling.

Yes. E-shop supports the sale of up to 25 products or services in addition to various variants (eg color).

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