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Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Source Solutions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Source Solutions.


Most entrepreneurs have no money to lose when they start an internet business. As a result, many shop owners will go for some of the open source solutions because it is free. The open source solution, though seemingly free, may not be as profitable for beginning shop owners as it seemed at the beginning, especially when compared to a quality paid shop.

Open Source vs Paid Shop

The advantages of open source shop are obvious. It is free. However, to get a functional business out of open source solutions, it is far from enough to install it. The installation and subsequent modifications of these shops are much more complicated than with a paid solution, and you usually spend a lot of time tuning and setting up everything to make your shop work at least a little. On the other hand, if you choose a paid turnkey shop program, you will get functional software for a one-time fee, which you will install in minutes and start selling immediately.

Hidden Costs of Open Source Shops

While open source shop solutions boast of being free, it's not quite true. Their basic versions do not contain important features that are specific to a given country in a country and which are absolutely necessary for business functionality. A large community of people are moving around open source projects, offering a variety of add-ons and extensions to the original program, but you'll have to pay for most of the high-quality and needy ones, which will increase the cost of open source solutions a lot.

For a one-time fee at, you purchase a given number of licenses / complete solutions and you will receive a package with instructions on how to install and set up your shop. You can start offering your customers your services / goods within hours of purchasing a license with
no hidden costs.

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Xshopic offers modern one-page shops for a one-time payment without additional hidden flat fees. As part of the license, you will receive a complete shop (FRONTEND, BACKEND) on a professional level with simple and user-friendly administration, including modern design. Moreover, the shop purchased is fully prepared for the integration of the payment gateway. Manual for installation of the purchased shop is included in every package. You can trade in just a few minutes.

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